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Lessons Learnt from the Fappening Nudes Leak

Over the years, the photos of the celebrities have been leaking. It has actually been reported that hundreds of photos have been stolen from the celebrities and some of them have even been posted on the internet. This happens when someone hacks into the account and the phone of a given celebrity, takes the most sensitive pictures of the celebrity that are inside the phone, and then posting them on the internet. There are various reasons that are likely to result to this kind of situation. One of the major reason is that the celebrity may be in possession of a very weak password which are easily guessed by the hackers. In addition, there are very weak and simple questions that have been introduced with iCloud which allows the user to enter many passwords and incorrect user names. In addition, it is also believed that the celebrities may be lacking a clear understanding of how some of these services are carried out. Some of them have also been posting and streaming their photos onto a cloud service due to ignorance when it comes to use of this kind of service. It has also been established that some of these photos may have been stolen earlier, since it has been reported that there are some celebrities who may have deleted these pictures but are surprised to find the on the internet. Therefore, the thieves and the hackers wait until a time arrives when the pictures are actually able to make a great impact, and they release them at this period.

There are therefore very many lessons that may be learnt from this. One of them is that you should not trust anyone with your password, no matter how much you trust them. This is because once you have entered into an argument, they are going to threaten your safety by releasing some of the pictures that you wouldn’t want to see on the internet. In the process, you will end up being disappointed and embarrassed. In addition, you are also expected to ensure that you have created a better password because password actually matters. While you are using the services that are being provided by the smartphones such as the photo syncing service as well as backup, you are required to ensure that you have adequately measured the risks that are likely to result from this. Being able to recover your lost files is a great benefit, bit you are required to ensure that you have created on a stronger password which is going to safeguard your files. You should therefore ensure that you are actually able to manage the risks. It is obvious that a celebrity, it may prove to be a little bit difficult for you to avoid being hacked. Some of the most reliable ways of ensuring that you are able to manage this is by ensuring that you know the kind of data that you have, its destination and whether the data is likely to fall into the hands of the wrong people. You should then set robust passwords and security questions.

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